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The Best Roast Kona Coffee

How To Roast Kona Coffee

Simply stated, roasting coffee is cooking the beans for a period of time – typically 12-30 minutes to obtain the desired flavor.  As the Kona coffee beans are roasted, they expand in size and lose moisture.  Expertise in skill and equipment is required to produce excellent roasted Kona coffee. 

How Medium Roast Kona Coffee Is Made

Medium roasts are cooked just past the “first crack,” when the beans crack or pop as they visibly expand in size.  At this stage, very little oil appears on the surface.  The chestnut brown beans produce a delicate, fruity taste – the most preferred roasted Kona coffee.

How Dark Roast Kona Coffee Is Made

By roasting the beans longer and at higher temperatures, we produce a dark roast glistening with oil.  The sweet, smoky taste and distinct roasted Kona coffee flavor comes through in every sip.  True coffee aficionados will become devotees.

Process Used to Roast Kona Coffee

The roasting procedure is responsible for developing and bringing out the special characteristics of Kona coffee.   It takes an immense amount of experience to achieve consistently outstanding roasted Kona coffee.  A master roaster is certainly an artisan in every way.  Our roast master uses a state of the art Diedrich coffee roaster that utilizes technology allowing us to roast small batches ensuring your coffee is always fresh.  We also offer custom roasts for larger orders, should one of our customers have that need.  At Kona Cloud Coffee we strive to deliver you the best roasted Kona coffee money can buy!

Other Facts About Roast Kona Coffee

The temperature of the roaster and the amount of time in the roaster are fundamental elements that the roast master must bear in mind during the roasting process.  Other considerations include the fragrance and appearance of the coffee beans during roasting, as well as the distinct cracking sounds the beans make at various phases of the roasting process.  It takes seven to nine pounds of cherry to make one pound of roasted Kona coffee.